Cheltenham Model Railway Exhibitions

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Exhibition Layouts: 6th & 7th April 2002

St. Margaret's Hall, Coniston Road, Hatherley, Cheltenham, GL51 3NU

Descriptions are based on material supplied by the layout owners

A little train in Asturias
Mike Baggs Z gauge 1.5mm scale

John Anderson OO gauge 4mm scale

Brent Park
Gloucester MRC O gauge 7mm scale

Capel Blaneau
John Perkin OO9 gauge 4mm scale

Sutton Coldfield Rly Soc N gauge 2mm scale

Vic Halliwell EM gauge 4mm scale

Kingsgate Shed
Gloucester MRC OO gauge 4mm scale

Old Mills
St Johns Railway Circle OO gauge 4mm scale

Ray Hodder OO gauge 4mm scale

Gwynne & Phyliss Addis EM gauge 4mm scale

Walford Town
Leamington & Warwick MRS EM gauge 4mm scale

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