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Nictun Borrud

Description based on material supplied by the layout owner

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Fareham & District MRC OO gauge 4mm scale

Nictun Borrud is set somewhere in the rolling chalk downland of the Hampshire Downs. It represents the terminus of a small branch line with some freight facility and is set in the late steam / early diesel period. The layout is built to finescale OO standards and features Southern Region.

The layout is intended as a fairly close representation of what might have existed at Southwick if the US Army Transportation Corps had had their way and built a branch line to allow the Allied Heads of Government and Defence Chiefs meeting to take place at the SHAPE headquarters in HMS Dryad. In the event, the meeting took place aboard the LMS Royal Train which was parked in the goods yard at Droxford for the duration. It is likely that this line would have left the Mean Valley line just south of Soberton village. But if it represents Southwick, why is it called Nictun Borrud? Well, as the original board was scavanged, the crew decided to continue this way of working and almost everything on the layout has been either 'nicked' or 'borrowed' from other projects or members' bit boxes. Hence the name, Nictun Borrud.


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