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Description based on material supplied by the layout owner

Ted Olney OO gauge 4mm scale

Smallcombe is a busy terminus at the end of a single line branch located 'somewhere' on the Western/Central division of the LMS, set in the mid 1930's. The area presumed to have a significant demand for frequent passenger services and a considerable requirement for all kinds of goods traffic. Smallcombe is the terminus of the branch line, and is reached via the country town of Bishopsmead.

The layout portrays Smallcombe station and its industry, comprising dairy/creamery, warehouse, and gasworks, in addition to the normal goods facilities, together with a short length of the line from the tunnel. The 'Fiddle Yard' represents the branch line and the connection to the LMS network. Notwithstanding the fictitious location, an operating sequence has been developed and is run which although intense, is both plausible and (we hope!) more or less correct.

The rolling stock on the layout is a mixture of predominantly kit, modified kit or scratch built items together with a few extensively modified proprietary items. The stock is generally in both the early and later pre-war livery styles. Buildings are mostly scratch built but include kit/modified kit where these are appropriate, and the scenery uses all the usual Woodland Scenics materials and the like.


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