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Eastbridge MPD

Description based on material supplied by the layout owner

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East Grinstead MRC OO gauge 4mm scale

Eastbridge shed depicts a small but important depot situated at a busy junction in southern England. The layout is partly based on Redhill. The shed has three roads, as at Redhill, the other trackwork being adapted to fit in the space available.

The main building is constructed of styrene sheet covered with brick paper and weathered with an airbrush. The roof is a typical Southern type found on various sheds throughout the southeast. Inspection pits are provided within the shed at Eastbridge and in the yard outside, as well as on the ash and coaling roads.

The coaling stage is not an exact copy of the one at Redhill, the original being covered in asbestos sheeting, on Eastbridge it is brick. The turntable is of the open pit type, scratch-built mainly of styrene sheet. The drive unit comprises a small motor and gearbox, driving a rubber wheel that presses onto one end of the turntable.

Eastbridge from time to time receives engines from other parts of the country, but Southern locomotives predominate. Locomotives arrive on shed, are coaled, watered and turned if required, the stabled to await their next turn of duty. It can become quite hectic in the fiddle yard supplying and receiving locomotives to and from the shed!

Featured in the December 1998 issue of British Railway Modelling.


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