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Gamle Carlsberg

Description based on material supplied by the layout owner

Gamle Carlsberg  
Tony & Kate Bennett O-16.5 gauge 7mm scale

Gamle Carlsberg was a brewery established in 1847 at Valby, near Kobenhavn by J C Jacobsen and named after his son Carl. A narrow gauge railway was established in 1908 within the brewery and to link it to the later New Carlsberg brewery. Most rolling stock came from Germany, but an 0-4-0T came from Britain. A steam railcar was purchased from France in 1912 for the use of the directors.

The model shows the old brewery in the early 1930s when the system was at its zenith. The railway served Carlsberg well, but by 1957 lorries had taken over and it closed. The brewery is now a visitor centre.

The layout is presented theatrically in a box so that the viewing angles and lighting can be controlled. It has a simple track plan and no run round. It is operated as a shunting puzzle, to solve which the operators must use (at least) two locomotives. This is assisted by the use of DCC. Points are changed with Fulgurex motors and couplings are Kadee. The principal rolling stock is Fleischmann.


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