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Bad Cardhu

Description based on material supplied by the layout owner

Bad Cardhu  
Brian Silby N gauge 2mm scale

Bad Cardhu is a small town in the area of Aachen in Germany. The tiny bahnhof only sees a handful of passenger trains in a day and these are interspersed with a small amount of freight. The freight is normally beer trains, which originate at the brewery at the rear of the station, and to the saw mill at the other end of the layout under the road bridge.

Built in 1995 as a Scottish branch line, the decision was taken to convert it to German and to use the excellent Fleischmann stock and to operate it digitally. The wagons were fitted with MBM magnetic couplings, which are activated by permanent magnets positioned at strategic places between the rails. The brewery was scratch-built, the saw mill a second-hand Walthers kit ready built, and the station a slightly cut-down Faller kit.

The whole layout measures only 4'6" x 1'9" adn is controlled using a Fleischmann LokBoss controller. The points are worked by Seep point motors and are the original ones fitted. The backdrop was made utilising some pictures taken on holiday in Germany and painted using acrylics.


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