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Description based on material supplied by the layout owner

Tom Cowling OO gauge 4mm scale

The beautiful valley of the River Wharfe marks the northern boundary of the industrial region formerly known as the West Riding of Yorkshire. The railway that was eventually built through the dale was a joint venture between the North Eastern Railway and the Midland Railway, linking the Leeds to Carlisle route with the Leeds to Tyneside line but bypassing Leeds itself.

Rail traffic reflected this background with local trains linking Leeds and Harrogate with towns in the valley. Through freight services include the ICI anhydrous ammonia tank train, as well as other fitted and mixed goods traffic. Excursion trains to the coast can also be seen.

The period chosen is the early fifties. A Derby lightweight twin car DMU is included. They first appeared in the West Riding at that time and were very popular. Sadly, however, they could not compete with the local bus services. In recognition of this, there are buses and lorries moving along the road at the back of the model at realistic speeds.

In order to make some minor track alterations to the actual location, the name has been amended from Pool to Poole. The buildings, etc are, however, reproductions of those seen at Pool.


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