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Weston-super-Mare (WC&PR)

Description based on material supplied by the layout owner

Weston-super-Mare (WC&PR)  
Andrew Ullyott EM gauge 4mm scale

The Weston, Clevedon and Portishead Railway opened from Weston to Clevedon as a tramway in 1897, converted to a 'Light Railway' in 1899 and extended to Portishead in 1907. It allowed local residents travel between the towns without need for lengthy inland detours via the Great Western Railway. It imported coal for merchants and gas works and exported a considerable amount of limestone from quarries in the Gordano Valley.

In financial difficulties from the beginning, 'CoIonel' H F Stephens was appointed General Manager in 1911 but despite returning occasional profits, the fortunes of the line steadily declined and the last train ran on 18 May 1940.

The WC&PR's rolling stock was typically run down, second hand equipment, bought cheaply from other railways, some of which were also run by Col Stephens.

The layout is a virtually dead scale representation of the Ashcombe Road terminus in Weston—super-Mare as it was in the mid 1930s before the south side of the line was developed. With the exception of the station, all buildings remain today and the trackbed is a footpath.

Stock is a mixture of kit built and scratch built items.

The layout has been featured in Model Railway Journal No 162 and the Railway Modeller February 2007 issue.


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