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Gorpeton Blymee

Description based on material supplied by the layout owner

Gorpeton Blymee  
Gordon Edgar & Peter Wilson OO gauge 4mm scale

Gorpleton Blymee represents a GWR branch line at the end of the Company's existence in the late 1940's just as the new British Railways took over.

When the original line was laid out in the late 1890s, Gorpeton Blymee would have been an intermediate stop on a through line but it became the inadequate terminus of a branch when the owner ran out of funds. The GWR took the line under its wing mainly to stop one of the interloper companies breaking into its territory. The financial loss outweighed the inconvenience of competition elsewhere.

Years in the doldrums followed but in 1905 Wilgar and Edson set up their factory. The business boomed, even in the depression years, which resulted in the town expanding and rail traffic mushrooming. In the early 30's, Wilgar and Edson expanded rapidly and later, during the war, they undertook increasing amounts of MoD work. All the work is 'hush, hush' and so secret that we (its creators) have no idea what they makej. However, the raw materials enter the factory and the 'under wraps' finished products give us some intriguing clues. To shunt the factory, Wilgar and Edson made some astute purchases of second-hand motive power.

Consequently the single platform and the goods yard no longer meet the needs of the community. The demands of the Second World War meant that no action was taken to resolve the problems created by that inadequate infrastructure. The recently established British Railways Board have plans to redevelop the station and re-position it on the other side of the factory, where it will be closer to the town centre.


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