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Morfa Mawr (Aberath)

Description based on material supplied by the layout owner

Morfa Mawr (Aberath)  
Trevor Hale EM gauge 4mm scale

The line was originally planned to be built as a narrow gauge line by the Vale of Rheidol Railway, but this never happened and although plans were later submitted by the LA&NQLR to build a standard gauge railway following the planned VoR route, it would be the Cambrian Railway which eventually would build the line, albeit with a few deviations which included running the line into Newquay, crossing the Lampeter to Aberaeron line at Crossways. Work finally started in 1911 and the line was completed just before the outbreak of the Great War in 1914 and would be operated by the GWR.

The layout is based circa 1970, on the coast of Cardigan Bay near Llannon, between Aberystwyth and Aberaeron, and consists of a small single platform station with run-around sidings for goods and coal. The later additional siding accommodates the Provender shed which houses foodstuffs amongst other merchandise.

The total size of the layout is 12 feet long by 18 inches wide, which consists of an 8-foot scenic section and a 4-foot sector plate fiddle yard at the southern end of the layout. The layout could accommodate another fiddle yard at the northern end but no plans for this have been decided at this time. The layout is built to EM gauge while all wiring of the electrics have been done in such a way, via a return lead, that it will allow contorl to be either DC or DCC.


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