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Pinewood Lumber Company

Description based on material supplied by the layout owner

Pinewood Lumber Company  
Guy Peck N-American gauge 2mm scale

This N gauge layout depicts a typical scene of a sawmill and lumber yard that can be seen anywhere across the United States and Canada today.

Lumber is brought to the sawmills by road and rail, the logs would be held in lakes, rivers, ponds and log pools prior to cutting.

The logs have to be debarked before they can be cut in the sawmills and the waste wood chippings go to mills that make cardboard and paper. The sawdust is piped to the sawdust burner. When the timber has been cut, it is then put into stick to either kiln dried or air dried.

In the past, Climax, Heislers and Shay steam locomotives were used to haul the heavy loads to the sawmills, but today it is mostly diesels. The logs are put on skeleton logs cars, bulk heads and gondolas cars.


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