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Llanthony Road

Description based on material supplied by the layout owner

Llanthony Road  
Richard Grosvenor OO gauge 4mm scale

Llanthony Road is loosely based on Gloucester docks and its environs. The buildings are based on prototypes found at the docks and around Llanthony Road.

The docks traffic ceased in approximately 1989. It was served by the former Great Western Railway Docks branch over the river Severn and across Llanthony Road to Llanthony yard opposite Bakers Quay. In the seventies and eighties the freight traffic was mainly flour, seed and cement.

I have imagined that the branch survived albeit in a mothballed state through to the present day. As trains arrive on the layout from the right hand side they pass under a former seed and flourmill conveyor. I have taken this end of the layout to be the connection with the former Great Western docks branch from Over. The line passes an old engineering works that now repairs railway wagons and across the level crossing, passing the Tall Ship public house. On the left is the mariner‘s chapel (1849) from the docks and next to that the lock warehouse (1834) which is now Gloucester Antiques Centre.

Towards the middle of the layout a siding branches off alongside a wharf similar to that found at Victoria Dock. Behind a permanent way compound is a collection of semi—dereIict buildings representing Foster Bros. oilseed and cake mill (1862) which was alongside Bakers Quay.

At the far end of the layout the line crosses the end of a spur to a disused canal basin and crosses Llanthony Road past the lift bridge and the Llanthony Yard office. On the near side of the canal are the bridge control cabin and a collection of shops.


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