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Burton Bradstock

Description based on material supplied by the layout owner

Burton Bradstock  
Chris Lester EM gauge 4mm scale

My layout is set in the late 1950's and features the fictional terminus of the line to Burton Bradstock which assumes that the Abbotsbury Branch had been extended as proposed towards (but never reaching) Bridport. It is my first EM solo effort and uses rolling stock from the BR(W) era. Locomotives are kits or re-chassied plastic models and other rolling stock is kit built or re-wheeled propriety models.

To give a flavour of the Abbotsbury Branch, I have tried to model several structures on the branch-line that did exist such as the goods shed at Portesham along with Abbotsbury Locoshed and Water Tower. They are scratch-built mairily from styrene sheet and Wills moulded stone sheet. The station building and some of the huts are made from Ratio or Wills kits. Trackwork is hand built using plywood sleepers and C&L track components with turnouts operated electrically by slow-action motors with the controller of the EMGS type.

The Abbotsbury Railway in Dorset was first proposed during the 1870's and finally came into existence during the 1880's with hopes of making profits by extracting iron ore from a site near to Portesham and also limestone near to Abbotsbury itself, along with local produce and livestock such as cattle and sheep.

One of several schemes also anticipated extending the line further westwards, eventually as far as Bridport and beyond to Axminster and thence to Exeter. The hope was that boat traffic via the port of Weymouth would enable travellers from the continent to access the south-west of England. Although this scheme never became more than an ambition, my model layout assumes the branch line was continued westwards reaching Burton Bradstock, not too far from Bridport, before finances ran out and the line terminated there.


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