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Rax Lane MPD

Description based on material supplied by the layout owner

Rax Lane MPD  
Ron Randall OO gauge 4mm scale

Rax Lane M.P.D. is a representation of an engine shed operational dur- ing the transition between steam and diesel, set in the early 1960's.

The layout was built initially as a DC layout but has been rewired for DCC, but uses the original points control mimic panel rather than controlling them with the DCC control.

It is very loosely based on the track layout at Willesden, significantly scaled down to fit within 2 foot wide boards.

There are approximately 40 locomotives in use on the layout at anyone time, with steam and diesels from all the B.R. regions. The layout and many of the locomotives are quite heavily weathered.

There is a series of trains that supply the depot, consisting of diesel tanks, oil tanks, coal wagons, and spare parts wagons, and the depot has its own breakdown train.

It is DCC controlled using a ZTC system with a main controller and two slave controllers, enabling up to three people to operate the layout to- gether. One of the advantages of DCC is the use of sound, and there are some steam and diesel sound locomotives present.

This layout is not intended to represent an accurate prototype, but to show off a sizeable collection of locomotives and to have a lot of fun doing so. It has attended many exhibitions in the Dorset and Somerset area over the last ?ve years and continues to be popular.


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