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Phitwell End

Description based on material supplied by the layout owner

Phitwell End  
Abingdon & District MRC OO gauge 4mm scale

Phitwell End represents a small secondary terminus in a large town with the main station in the town centre. Space restrictions in the centre allowed only basic servicing facilities so the motive power depot was built near this suburban station and on a higher level.

Consequently you may see, in between the passenger service, larger locomotives from the main station arriving and departing the shed area. Freight traffic is limited to coal for the MPD and local goods. A parcels service also figures in the daily activities of this busy station.

The layout is capable of running Grouping or BR steam eras, depending on our fancy and the available stock from club members. It could possibly be extended into the early 70's and modern traction. In all cases we strive not to mix eras and running is controlled by a sequence card system.

Construction is by traditional methods, softwood frames with plywood running surfaces and end panels. Trackwork is Peco, loose ballasted, and all fixed by white glue. Buildings are either scratch built or modified kits. What greenery there is on the layout is based on carved polystyrene blocks, covered with nappy liner, finished off with Woodland Scenics scatter and foliage materials. Trees are hand built wire skeletons, covered with modelling clay and also foliated with Woodland Scenics.


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