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Badger's Yard

Description based on material supplied by the layout owner

Badger's Yard  
Laurie Smallwood OO gauge 4mm scale

Badger's Yard is typical of many small rail yards around the country that served industry with a once thriving railway system. Surrounded by housing and industry, the yard is now very run down and used for assembling wagons to be forwarded to local customers.

The layout is based on an Inglenook shunting puzzle with 3 sidings and a head shunt. A main line has been added so the wagons can be removed when they're sorted. The idea is to assemble 5 of the 8 wagons on the layout into set order using the smallest number of moves.

The track is Peco code 75, points are fitted with Seep motors, the stock is fitted with DG coupling and uncoupling is done with electro-magnets. The locomotives are DCC controlled, points and magnets are operated by a switch panel.


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