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Description based on material supplied by the layout owner

John Perrett 2FS gauge 2mm fine scale

Situated on the Somerset coast this town once had an importance as the northern terminus of The Somerset & Dorset Railway (S&D) which linked the Bristol channel with the English channel.

The pier at Burnham received rails from Welsh steelworks to be carried onwards to the expanding rail network in southern England. The S&D Railway had many bolster wagon pairs for this traffic.

Pleasure ships, like the paddle steamer "Waverley" would also call in regularly during the summer, especially on cross channel trips. The pier was used by the lifeboat, which had it's own private siding.

The railway station, opened on the 3rd May 1858, unusually featured a short overall roof and a long platform for excursion trains. The station closed to normal passenger workings on the 29th October 1951, excursion traffic continuing to 8th September 1962 and closed to goods on the 20th May 1963.

The model was made originally to 2mm finescale standards and exhibited by the late Denys Brownlee. After his death the model was sold and then stored for some years. I recently bought the model, by now a little worse for wear and have set about rejuvenating it to exhibit. Most work has been under the baseboards so far.

Now to tidy up above and make some correct rolling stock (a big job!). It is intended to depict the S&DJR scene in the 1920's - 1930's and rolling stock is being made to show this. Current stock is mainly borrowed or adapted "N" gauge.


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