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Newton East

Description based on material supplied by the layout owner

Newton East  
Paul & Margaret Garratt OO gauge 4mm scale

Newton East as the name implies is a station on the outskirts of the town of Newton. Originally built by a pre-grouping company, the line has survived the Beeching cuts and forms a busy avoiding line. The goods yard is also busy as the old factory buildings have been taken over by a mail order company and so wagons come and go bringing and taking away products.

In reality the layout is purely fictitious and has been designed and built to entertain the viewing public and provide interest for the operators. The layout has no geographical location but is set during the period of 1955-65 and shows rolling stock (predominantly diesels) that would have been seen on British Railways during that period. The layout permits rolling stock from the Southern/Western and Midland/Eastern/North Eastern regions to be run together.

The track work is ‘SMP’ with hand built pointwork using PCB sleepers and nickel-silver bull-head rail and operated with ‘Peco’ motors. Electrically the layout can be operated by 1 or 2 operators with their own controllers.

The buildings are mainly from card or plastic kits either as designed or modified to suit. The rolling stock is a mixture of proprietary and kit built, all vehicles would have been seen on BR in the 1955-65 period although not necessarily together. We have concentrated on using diesels but occasionally a steam locomotive may appear


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