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Project Iraq 2003

Description based on material supplied by the layout owner

Project Iraq 2003  
Tony & Kate Bennett OO gauge 1/35 scale

1st May 2003 somewhere near to Basra in Southern Iraq and the main fighting in this area of the Invasion of Iraq is over.

The model depicts a section of the British Army on Operation Telic taking stock of the situation before moving on to their next objectives. Telic from the Greek telos means a purposeful or defined action. With 46000 full time and reserve British troops being deployed the term became known amongst personnel as a backronym Tell Everyone Leave Is Cancelled.

Amazingly they have come across the working remnant of a railway constructed by their forefathers about 80 years ago, the Maquil Railway.

The local Iraqis are celebrating their freedom from the tyranny of Saddam Hussein's regime by returning to normal life as soon as possible and so the run down battered railway has returned quickly to its main role of moving water and agricultural produce.

Project Iraq 2003 is a simple run round layout. Built to a scale of 1/35, it runs on a 16.5mm track gauge representing the original 600mm gauge.

It is very highly detailed with over 17 vehicle and 120 figures in cameo scenes. The more you look at it the more detail you will see.

Project Iraq 2003 supports Help the Heroes.


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