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Description based on material supplied by the layout owner

Bob Vaughan OO gauge 4mm scale

In its present form Condicote represents a branch line terminal somewhere in the Worcestershire area either in the late 1930's under Great Western Railway control, or in the 1950's under the auspices of BR(M) or even BR(S)!

All of the rolling stock operating on the branch is either kitóbuilt or a ready-toórun proprietary item. Everything has been fitted with Sprat and Winkle couplings (available from Andrew Hartshorne at Wizard Models) which have proved reliable and given automatic uncoupling on a layout that is hopefully free from "the hand of God". Every part of the layout has been weathered with acrylic paint, brown ink and matt varnish to create a uniform workóstained appearance.

The name Condicote comes from John Masefield's novel The Hawbucks which opens with a detailed description of the station, and its timetable.


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