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Llwydd Town

Description based on material supplied by the layout owner

Llwydd Town  
Richard Webb OO gauge 4mm scale

Llwydd is presumed to be a new town in north-east Wales at the end of a spur from the Shrewsbury to Chester line. It is now growing rapidly and this has led to a big revival in rail travel. The original Cambrian Railway station has been demolished and the yard has been cleared and sold. A new modern station, built to a heritage theme, has been funded by the supermarket which occupies most of the site. Royal Mail has concentrated its bulk operations here. These use a concrete loading pad on a short siding and, at quieter times, the one remaining platform. The only freight traffic serves a small oil terminal belonging to Cambrian Fuels.

There are Diesel Multiply Unit (DMU) operated passenger services to and from Birmingham, Chester, Manchester, Shrewsbury and Wolverhampton. There is also a Regional Railways locomotive-hauled service to Cardiff and an Inter-City service to London. Royal Mail operates services to Cardiff, Preston and Crewe, as well as making use of some of the passenger workings. The Shrewsbury to London Euston TPO now also starts from Llwydd. This runs to Rugby where it combines with another service, the stock stables at Shrewsbury during the daytime. The oil terminal is supplied by an as-required service from Stanlow which can run on any day. DMUís are a mixture of First Generation and Sprinter units. Locomotives comprise classes 31, 37 and 47. Services represent those seen on the Marches lines in the late 1980ís and early 1990ís.

The layout was built by George Woodcock.


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