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Description based on material supplied by the layout owner

City of Canterbury MRS N gauge 2mm scale

This club layout is an exercise to see how many quarts can be squeezed into a pint pot (or cubic decilitres into a litre for the younger generation).

The brief was for the layout to include through running of realistic length trains, a station, goods yard and engine servicing facilities, abil- ity to justify the use of two railway companies, realistic operation with no tail chasing, capable of two engine movements at the same time and all in a space of 4 foot by 2 foot using proprietary track, buildings kits and bits and pieces as far as possible. We only failed on the size which is in fact 4 feet by 2 feet 6 inches! The extra width was added to avoid an oval appearance.

The result is a LMS single track secondary mainline with GWR running rights and GWR branch line junction or vice versa if the fancy takes us. It is situated somewhere south west of Birmingham towards the Welsh borders.

We were able to get so much in such a small space as a result of the introduction of PECO N gauge live frog double slips. Two have been used and these are great space savers.

Dydley Junction is now more or less complete, only the signals need to be mechanised so that one day they will eventually be working!


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