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Combe Abbot

Description based on material supplied by the layout owner

Combe Abbot  
Alan Prostlethwaite OO gauge 4mm scale

Combe Abbot is a fictitious market town in Wiltshire. Its railway terminus was joint GWR and LSWR. The buildings and signals were in GWR style but LSWR traffic became dominant.

At the 1923 Grouping, Combe Abbot was absorbed into the SR. The original layout was built in the 19905 in Bromsgrove. Saved from the scrap heap, it languished in a loft for seven years before being refurbished by the present owner. New features include a slimline control panel, a lighting gantry and a fiddle yard with eight train cassettes.

There are currently ten trains in liveries from the late 1930s to the early 1950s. There is regular traffic to Westbury and Salisbury including through coaches to Waterloo. Freight includes milk tankers to London and military traffic to a nearby Army tank depot. A weedkilling train is based here.

Track is SMP with wire-in—tube point operation. Working signals and buildings are predominantly Ratio. The ARP signal box is scratch—built. The four baseboards are held together with C-clamps and are simply supported on five new trestles, There is a Gaugemaster Combi for the trains and another for the turntable.


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