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Description based on material supplied by the layout owner

Roy Wilson N gauge 2mm scale

What if they hadn't closed my local railway station in the 1960's?

What might it have looked like 10 years on?

The link to two cities could still be there, connecting to a proposed early park n ride and a promised tramway system, plus local links to rapidly expanding villages and an extension to two main lines.

With a mixture of public and private enterprise, a local line to an adventure park, using a restored railcar could have been developed, used too for schools and local commuters via a disused colliery line, linking at two points to main line services.

What if all this had happened and had incorporated some local freight services too?

Worriff, with no closures, incorporates all this, say, in 1972 with a bay platform, two through platforms and access to a small freight shunting yard. DMU's (class 101 8: 108) plus the railcar provide pas- senger services, while freight is hauled mainly by classes 24 and 33.

What if? but then again, we'll never know.

Worriff an amalgamation of several parts of the line, set in a developing small village.

Features: electric points; 6 track (concealed) fiddle yard; village; farm and farmland; allotments; electric signals.


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