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Studley Road

Description based on material supplied by the layout owner

Studley Road  
Richard Webb OO gauge 4mm scale

Studley Road has been around for 10 years now although not all of those were in my ownership. I originally owned the layout back in 2005 for a year before it was sold on. However, a chance re-encounter with the layout resulted in it coming back in to my ownership. It needed some restoration and at this point the decision was taken to add the LRT system on a track that was previously a derelict platform line. While undergoing restoration the chance was also taken to extend the platform, rebuild the bridge and also put a cover over the fiddle yard, which is now a set of industrial units and a car dealership.

The layout is now based in the sectorization era somewhere in the north west of England and various different locomotives can be found stabled. Together with the LRT and DMU shuttle service there's normally always something moving around.


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