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Description based on material supplied by the layout owner

Steve Adcock O-16.5 gauge 7mm scale

The City of Redwood is a fictional town located in the forests of Northern California. Today it has a population of 651 souls; it was established in 1855 by the rough tough lumber men of North America’s frontier land. Today it still relies heavily on the exploitation of the ancient forests for most of the employment and income. However in recent years the increasingly wealthy and mobile population of the San Francisco conurbation has been travelling. Mostly by train they come to Redwood for recreation purposes, enjoying the massive trees and fresh woodland air.

The year is 1940, just before Pearl Harbor and effectively the point at which the United States gets involved in the Second World War. Much of Northern California and Southern Oregon is still untouched, covered with virgin forest some of which have the Sequoia Sempervirens growing widely. With improving transport links and a booming economy; it is the beginning of the tourist industry. Many people want to travel and the railroads of the region are only too happy to supplement their income from freight by offering passenger services.

The Redwood Railroad is primarily a lumber carrier from the area surrounding the town of Redwood. To the east trains run through Whiskey Springs and Northspur down to interchange with the Southern Pacific at Willits, a distance of 21 miles. To the west the railroad runs 2 miles down to the Baja Humbug harbour, where unprocessed wood is shipped by sea.

Redwood passenger trains are timed at Willits to meet the hourly service that runs from Oakland up to Eureka: at weekend and holidays often extra trains are laid on. Coal, livestock and mixed goods are also being shipped in increasing amounts, trains are run as required to fit around the movements of the passenger services.

Due to the mountainous terrain and steep gradients the chief engineer on the line, Abe Simpson, had no choice but to use narrow gauge tracks. It took 4 years for him and his team of Chinese navies to forge the permanent way through the forests.

The depot building is scratch built as are the trees that surround it. Vehicles are Corgi, rolling stock is mostly modified Bachmann with a few scratch built engines running on HO chassis. Track and points are Peco standard On30, scenic material is mostly made by Woodland with stone and ballast supplied by Merehead products.

To all railway fans, enjoy the trees and trains but please be careful not to let our steam locomotives spook your horses and respect this wilderness environment we have spent so long creating.


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