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Valencia Harbour

Description based on material supplied by the layout owner

Valencia Harbour  
Andy Cundick 21mm gauge 4mm scale

The layout is set in the South of Ireland, County Kerry to be exact circa 1935 on the Great Southern Railway.

The line to the settlement of Valencia left the Great Southern and Western Railway line between Killarney and Tralee at Farranfore and was built in a number of stages between 1885 and 1893.

Valencia's main claim to fame was being the western most railhead in Europe and the point where the North Atlantic telegraph cable entered the Ocean, hence the warning triangle that can be see by the building.

The prototype line itself was sadly closed in 1960.

The model is built to 4mm scale and to the correct gauge of 5 foot 3 inches or 21mm track width.

The stock is mainly kit built from various sources.

Any questions or observations on Irish lines and modelling are gratefully re- ceived


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