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Description based on material supplied by the layout owner

Nigel Crow OO gauge 4mm scale

Melangoose is situated at the end of a single track branch that meets the Plymouth to Penzance Cornish mainline at Par.

Originally opened in 1873 by the Cornwall Minerals Railway this branch line was built at the same time as the ones to Carbis and Treamble. It was a time of great expansion for the China Clay industry, with state of the art harbour loading facilities being built at Fowey and Newquay.

The reason for the lines survival today is the busy China Clay Works. The timeframe for my model is circa 2003-2005. When EWS Class 66's were beginning to take over from the veteran Class 37's based at St Blazey shed.

Passenger services remain and are operated by Wessex Trains, Class 150 and 153's can be seen on the sparse services that run from Lostwithial through Par and terminate at Melangoose.

The layout was originally built by Dave Smart, with the intention that you could run anything from Steam to current day, the infrastructure on Cornish Branch lines has not changed for many decades, only now are changes starting to happen. Since purchased 5 years ago I have added some modern day signage, to set the period.

Scenic section measures 5 foot 2 inches with a sector plate that is just over 3 feet long. Track plan has only 3 points, one in the China Clay Facility and two at the end of the platform road which form the run-round for freight. The other end of the run-round is made up by the traverser which feeds the track into the China Clay, platform track, run-round loop, Cement Depot and 3 hidden sidings to the rear of the layout.


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