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Bow Locks

Description based on material supplied by the layout owner

Bow Locks  
Andi Dell OO gauge 4mm scale

Bow Locks is a fictional layout set somewhere at the east end of the North London line near the Regents Canal; although Bow Locks is a real place name there is no railway there now.

It represents the Network Southeast era of British Rail, with passenger services running to a single platform terminus and freight trains shunting in a simple three road yard.

The high level passenger line features third rail electrification and a variety of units can be seen providing the train service.

Bow Locks was built as a distraction from a much larger layout in my life. This model railway was designed to be easily portable, quick to put up and take down for the times that I want to be able to play trains without having the time to erect the larger layout.

The trains are DCC operation, however points and signal are traditionally controlled from a switch box.


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