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Description based on material supplied by the layout owner

Steve Neill O gauge 7mm scale

The layout depicts a leafy corner of the railway network towards the end of steam, it represents a simple goods yard. My model railway is that type often referred to as a "shunting plank", this is my take on the genre.

Buildings are all taken from real examples, with the track plan configured to allow future expansion.

To add variety to the shunting activity there is also a working yard crane and access gates, this allows a radio control lorry to be loaded from the wagons in the yard. Another unusual facet is that the locomotives used in the layout are all battery powered and operated by radio control.

Set roughly in the Eastern Region it is as generic as possible so that Southern and Western Region stock does not look out of place. This allows the running of a variety of rolling stock which in future may also include some early diesels.

Welsh name, Eastern Region leanings?? I was struggling to give the layout a name ahead of its first exhibition so I decided to call it after the cottage on the right hand side of the layout which happens to be my home.


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