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Pavillion End

Description based on material supplied by the layout owner

Pavillion End  
Dave Hagger O gauge 7mm scale

Pavilion End is set in an industrial area, probably South Wales or it could be the West Midlands. The Great Western Railway and London North Western Railway were competing for traffic and met in an end on junction somewhere further along the line. This was operated as a through route until rationalisation became necessary, when it was cut back to Pavilion End. The station, with staggered halts, because the terminus, and with the reduction to single line working only one platform was needed. The rationalisation meant the up line became a loop and a new crossover was needed at the end of the halt, along with a water column.

The nearby colliery produced high quality coal so provided enough traffic to justify the lines continuation, along with the extensive metalworks behind the halt. The local coal merchants made such a fuss about all the changes that a coal siding was provided. So the branch has a regular passenger service operated by a push pull set or loco and a couple of coaches. Freight serves the colliery and also the metal works, taking material in and products out. The works has its own shunting loco, which often helps with the transfer of wagons.

Operation of the branch is made interesting as the off scene colliery inlet is on th steepest part of the line. So for safe operation full coal trains are short and propelled up into the station keeping the locomotive on the downhill side of the wagons, with the loco running around on the level before setting off down the line. Empties are delivered direct to the colliery.

Stock is largely built by various members of the club who have also contributed greatly to the scenery and lineside features. Dingham auto couplers are used, as on our club layouts. Control is by DCC with components from various sources.


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