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Queens Street Yard

Description based on material supplied by the layout owner

Queens Street Yard  
Gerald Maher O gauge 7mm scale

This layout began life as a 7mm scale test track for newly built locomotives and rolling stock that I like to construct.

Somebody suggested I develop it into a fully scenic cameo layout which is how it became Queens Street Yard. This required the construction of a purpose built fiddle yard, backscenes, lighting and a fully functioning power box instead of the temporary wiring used in my workshop.

My favoured timescale is the pre grouping period as there was such a wide variety of locomotives and rolling stock in many different liveries. The layout is modelled as a typical Victorian small back street goods yard not aligned to any particular railway company thus allowing me to run a variety of stock. Most of this is London and North Western Railway with the occasional Great Eastern interloper. All stock is now fitted with automatic couplings instead of traditional three links for ease of operation at shows.

All the scenery is constructed from card, foamboard or plasticard faced with embossed plastic sheet to give the brick or stone textures. Some of the details are from cast kits as are the vehicles and figures.

The locomotives and rolling stock are all built from brass or plastic kits modified where necessary to improve the detail. All are spray painted and then weathered to suit.

The two turnouts are hand built and operate manually by slider switches connected to the tracks with brass rodding. Most of the plain track is Peco but some is hand built. As a test track everything was made of items already in my spares box so it is a real hotch potch! Including the wiring, this was laid across the surface of the board so is consequently now buried under scenery! Not ideal.

If I started the layout again far more planning would go into the initial design especially the wiring but as a converted test board it has given me a lot of pleasure, I hope you enjoy it also.


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