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Feltham Road MPD

Description based on material supplied by the layout owner

Feltham Road MPD  
Ray Norwood OO gauge 4mm scale

In my younger years I used to do my trainspotting around Feltham Motive Power shed. Later, in my working career I was employed as a fireman there in the 1960's until the end of steam. For this reason I decided to build my model railway as Feltham Road MPD shed.

The model track plan is not the same as the prototype, the era is anytime from the 1950's to the end of steam in 1967.

Baseboard size is 8 feet by 2 feet, the scenic area being 6 feet with a 1 foot sector plate leading to a storage sidings. The legs fold up underneath.

I have used a Dapol turntable, it has been altered a little bit. I have roller bearings as wheels and a thrust bearing in the centre shaft to make it run more freely. Operation is by a stepper motor with electrics from Model Electronic Railway Group (MERG).

Train control on the layout is also by MERG DCC control system connected to a Raspberry Pi (mini computer) with JMRI, so it can be controlled on my mobile phone or iPod. Points are operated by servo motors with MERG servo boards but these are not DCC operated, I use toggle switches with frog polarity to help running.

Track work is hand built with C&L components. I cut the sleepers from 0.8mm thick plywood on my band saw and dyed with wood dye. The track plan was drawn on template, a CAD program, not an easy piece of software to master.

The buildings are all scratch built with plasticard. Feltham MPD shed was made of concrete, my model shed is a plasticard construction but the same basic design. A couple of differences are Feltham was a through shed with six roads, I have done my version with four roads. Plus on the original the repair road was on the left, the ash in the disposal pit and on the side is lit up with MERG twinkling light kits.

The yard lamps are scratch built with brass components and LED lights fitted


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