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Made Upton

Description based on material supplied by the layout owner

Made Upton  
Jeff Dike OO gauge 4mm scale

Made Upton is a fictitious Worcestershire town. The layout depicts a terminus station, set in the present day, with a small but busy servicing and fuelling depot, plus a siding for loading and unloading goods to a distribution warehouse.

A little imagination is required since in reality none of these facilities would be likely to exist at the end of a rural branch line in modern times. The trains that run are all loosely based in the present day, but there are a number of exceptions where modellers licence is used. Central Trains ceased to operate in 2017, plus Transrail disbanded in 1996 becoming part of EWS and there is even a class 20 in BR blue, just because we like the sound they make.

Passenger services run regularly, operated by First Great Western , Arriva Trains Wales, London Midland and Central Trains. Diesel locomotives from many different franchises stop by for a quick service and some fuel. Goods wagons are regularly shunted in and out of the siding for the distribution warehouse by the resident class 08. There is also a postal service, which is probably the biggest liberty in a modern era layout as they were largely withdrawn in the mid 1990's.

The trains are all DCC controlled, some have sound fitted. All of the other electrical stuff is normal DC, points are manual using piano wire rods.

This was the first layout we built to be exhibited, so we hope it is up to scratch and that you enjoy watching.


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