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Gare de Brindille

Description based on material supplied by the layout owner

Gare de Brindille  
Chris Hopper SM32NG gauge 16mm scale

Gare de Brindille is my first attempt at a 16mm model railway and depicts a section of the War Department Light Railway (WDLR) in Europe during the Great War. It is something of an experiment as usually this scale is the reserve of the garden railways enthusiast with radio controlled locomotives , I have used track power.

It is a simple test track laid out as an "lnglenook" or shunting twig. I have used Peco track and it is designed to allow us to play trains by shunting the various WDLR wagons. I have built these from kits largely as a result of an increasing interest in the WDLR a 100 years on from the First World War. The publication of the "WDLR Album" compiled by Roy C Link. The chance purchase of the Swift Sixteen "Protected Simplex" or "Tin Turtle" at 'Tracks to the Trenches" in Apedale in 2015 and 2018 were also major factors in the development of the layout.

My model contains a number of scenic elements typical of the World War 1 narrow gauge railways, it is very loosely represents a small loading point some way behind the trenches.

The layout is run with an NCE DCC system and the locomotives are sound chipped with Zimo decoders from Digitrains. They represent the small petrol engine locomotives typical of the era and are built from kits by Swift Sixteen and PDF models. The wagons are kit-built and modified plastic, resin and wooden kits from Swift Sixteen, Andel, Red Star and Slaters.


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