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Avon Bridge Junction

Description based on material supplied by the layout owner

Avon Bridge Junction  
David Boot OO gauge 4mm scale

The decision to produce smaller layouts that I can handle in my advancing years, has proved to have been the correct decision. They can fit in a Ford Cmax car, or similar, but still open up into a reasonable sized layout and with a 9’0” scenic area can also fit into a moderate sized room.

In an effort to reduce the weight without compromising stability I have used lightweight baseboards marketed by Grainge and Hodder Ltd of Cradley Heath, who I have found to be excellent.

Avon Bridge Junction is a fictitious location and as the name suggests is somewhere near the River Avon. As there are two River Avons you can take your pick as to its possible location

There is nothing unusual about the layout, but it is modelled as a joint railway either GWR and BRM or GWR and SR

There is a mixture of types of infrastructure. Its “theoretical” original location was a Midland line but rationalisation saw GWR signals replacing out of date Midland variety

The layout has code 75 track throughout, Peco points, Seep Point motors, a mixture of “Scenic” readymade buildings, plastic constructed signal box, and scratch build houses. The Signals are from the Dapol range,

The trees, I’m afraid, are ready made, my enthusiasm still does not run to trying to replicate Beeches, Cedars and Oaks these days,

My favourite period for modelling is the 50/60s for which I have plenty of appropriate stock to run, but occasionally you may see the odd stranger from another region appear. I still use screw link and three link couplings for authenticities sake as my hand is still steady enough to handle them.

The layout is 17ft long including the fiddle yard by 1’ – 6”’ wide this includes a 4’ turntable fiddle yard at either end. minimising the need to handle stock during running


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