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Lammas Lane

Description based on material supplied by the layout owner

Lammas Lane  
Oliver Honer N gauge 2mm scale

Lammas Lane depicts a small fictional section of the London Underground network set in the late 1990's and is modelled in N gauge.

I acquired the layout in 2017 and made various modifications including adding conductor rail and line side cabling to set the location and chosen era that I grew up in.

The street above the layout represents a bustling high street with the entrance to the station and the ends of the platforms at the left of the scene.

Though there us some RTR rolling stock, the majority is made from kits or modified in someway. A selection of both tube and subsurface stock from across the London Underground network can be seen on the layout, as well as "Steam on the Met" heritage trains.

The running line consists of a single track with a passing loop and is operated by an analogue controller. Points are controlled by rods and small working signal was modified and fitted to control trains entering the single track section.


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