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Hedges Hill Cutting

Description based on material supplied by the layout owner

Hedges Hill Cutting  
Bentley MRG N gauge 2mm scale

This layout is a very new purchase on behalf of the Bentley Club from the builder Grahame Hedges. It is a representation of a scene in South London in the modern era. A close examination of the layout will show clues to the date and the location of the area represented, but it is an amalgamation of a number of places and buildings known to the builder, the rolling stock obviously but also look out for the ATM, the Gatso road safety camera, wheely bins as well as the direction signs and road markings.

With one small exception all of the buildings are scratch built in card and then painted and Hnished by Graham. I am informed that the graffiti apparently mainly refers to a South London Football Club.

This is we feel an excellent model of a fictional South London scene complete with a imaginary tube station on the Northern, or is it Victoria line?


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