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Description based on material supplied by the layout owner

Margaret & Paul Garratt OO gauge 4mm scale

This was the first exhibition for Limesbridge. The layout is intended to depict the atmosphere that was around a GWR station during the 1930s. Being fictitious, it allows the use of modellers' licence in creating something that depicts a rural location.

The station forms a junction where passenger trains arrive from the main line to connect with trains for the local branch. Freight trains can either terminate or pick up/drop off wagons and then make their way up the branch.

This layout was built with exhibiting in mind so the baseboards are of an easily manageable size and it can be erected/dismantled quickly and safely. The size of the layout with a large fiddle yard allows us to run longer trains using a variety of rolling stock.

Track work is SMP with hand built pointwork operated with Peco motors. The buildings are mainly from card or plastic kits either as designed or modified to suit. Rolling stock is a mixture of proprietary and kit built, all vehicles would have been seen on the GWR in the 1930s even if they never reached a small station like this.


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