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Lower Peak Wharf

Description based on material supplied by the layout owner

Lower Peak Wharf  
John Bruce OO9 gauge 4mm scale

The narrow gauge line here at Lower Peak Wharf comes from a far simpler time. Originally built as a horse drawn line to take the stone from the old quarry, off scene on the right, to the canal, off scene on the left. With the coming of a standard gauge railway nearby, this link was replaced with a new line linking the village and its quarry to the rest of the railway network and of course the greater outside world. In due course some carriages and other goods wagons were bought to better serve the local community, which of course was mostly employed by the Quarry Company anyway.

Now, sometime in the late 1930's, the quarry has closed and the train runs a couple of times a week on market days to the nearby town. Most people still use the train, but one day soon it will be replaced by a bus and the line will become a part of our industrial history.

Really I just wanted to build a small scene set in the style of building found in the Peak District, and shunt a few wagons around. One day I may build the canal wharf, but for now there is still much to do here.

The model is built to 4mm scale with a track gauge of 9mm thus representing a line of 2' 3" gauge, in modelling terms generally referred to as 009.


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